Matthaei Botanical Gardens has started remodeling to convert the coat room and adjacent storage room to a handicap-accessible ramp connecting the main lobby with the classroom hallway. This will impact our meeting on February 15, and possibly the March 15 meeting as well. The impacts are as follows:

  • To get to the meeting room, you must enter at the front lobby. Do not enter at the west lobby (closest entrance to the large parking lot), as you will find the hallway blocked due to the construction and you will not be able to get to the main lobby or the meeting room. 
  • The existing men's bathrooom adjacent to the main lobby has been temporarily converted to a women's bathroom for the duration of the construction. 
  • The only operational men's bathroom is accessible from the west lobby. To use the men's room, you must exit the building at front and walk outside to enter at the west lobby. 
  • The sidewalk from the west parking lot and west lobby has no lighting. If this concerns you, bring a flashlight.