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Washtenaw County May Count

icon date2 Saturday, May 13, 2017
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With spring finally here, birders’ thoughts turn to spring birding. As you think about the ways you will bird in the county this spring, please consider participating in the Washtenaw County May Count, on International Migratory Bird Day.

Juliet Berger is the Compiler for this informal count. The Compiler divides the county into townships, each of which has an Area Leader. Leaders recruit additional volunteers to count birds throughout their area. For names and contact information for the Compiler and the Area Leaders, visit our website (check back here), and please consider volunteering.

This year, the May Count will be a Washtenaw County only event, as our state wide compilers have retired. All Washtenaw County birders are welcome to bird all or part of the day on May 13, and report their bird sightings to eBird and their township area leaders. We will have information about how to share your eBird lists with the Washtenaw Audubon Society eBird account. Then, a compiled list will be available for all the birds seen during this 24 hour period. Please check back here for more information about how to participate as the date gets closer.

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