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The Washtenaw Audubon Society is an active chapter of Michigan Audubon formed in the early 1950's. Monthly programs feature guest speakers on a wide variety of natural history and birding topics. We conduct field trips to places in Ann Arbor, in Washtenaw County, and as far away as Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Other special events throughout the year bring members and friends together, such as the annual Christmas Bird Count and North American Migration Count. Most of our events are free and open to the public, but membership dues and volunteers support our ability to provide these activities. Please explore our website and consider joining some of our activities. We look forward to meeting you!











May 21, Wednesday 7:30 PM
Monsoon Birds of South India

Join Mary Mathias for a program on her adventures birding in the southwestern, coastal state of Kerala, India (Western Ghats) during the monsoon season. Nearly constant torrential rains failed to dampen Mary’s quest for elusive species, including endemics and several birds that are nearly extinct and rarely photographed. Mary credits her grandmother, Mary Shaul, a lifelong Audubon member, for teaching her to name the birds she spied from the baby buggy and inspiring her passion for habitat conservation. Mary will also speak briefly about the Washtenaw Wilderness, a campaign she initiated to certify public and private lands in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County as Community Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. Mary is employed by the Washtenaw County Division of Environmental Health, producing content for “Issues on the Environment” on local NPR station 89.1FM. 

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Apr 24, Thursday 8:00 AM
Thursday Spring Migration Walks

Join us on Thursday mornings in April and May at Nichols Arboretum to observe migrants making their way north. These leaderless walks are a great opportunity to join with other birders of all skill levels. In addition to the birds, the Arb's trees and plants offer delights of their own.

This season's walks will start on April 3 and go through May 29. Park and meet at the Riverview Court cul-de-sac off Geddes Road at 8:00 a.m; the walks will end around 11:00, but participants can leave whenever they prefer. Click here for a map of the meeting spot or to get directions to it.

Apr 27, Sunday 4:00 PM
Weekend Arb Walk

Washtenaw Audubon sponsors leaderless walks on Thursday mornings at Nichols Arboretum throughout the main weeks of both spring and fall migration. But because of work and school schedules, many people who would like to participate in these walks cannot. So a couple of years ago we began holding these leaderless Arb walks during both spring and fall migration.

Park and meet at the Riverview Court cul-de-sac off Geddes Road at 4:00 p.m (note that this is an afternoon event). Click here to map the location and get directions to the meeting spot.

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May Count less than a month away
The International Migratory Bird Count (a.k.a., May Count) will take place on Saturday, May 10. Please consider volunteering to help with this effort. More information, please see the listing on our Field Trips page.

American Kestrel, Ann Arbor Landfill. Seven birds of this species were tallied on the 2013 Washtenaw County May Count. Photo: Mike Sefton

Karen Markey leads a Spring Migration Walk in the Arb on April 12. Click on the photo to enlarge it. For a complete schedule of Washtenaw Audubon's free field trips, click on the Field Trips tab at the top of this page. Photo: Mike Sefton

Got a bird question? Answers are here.
Washtenaw County has always been proud of its birding community. However, the recent addition of Julie Craves (Birdwatching Magazine's author of the column, "Since You Asked" and Rouge River Bird Observatory supervisor) has provided some real local cachet! We took the liberty of providing you a link to Julie's excellent answers to some FAQ's about birds under Bird Stuff You Should Know.

Washtenaw Audubon Lending Library - Back Online!
We have a variety of books and magazines available for loan. Click the link below or the permanent link on the right of this page to see what's available to you.

WAS phone number to be discontinued--contact via e-mail
We will be discontinuing the WAS telephone number at the end of February. The phone line is no longer a cost-effective way of handling inquiries and communicating with our members and other people. Please click on the "CONTACT US" tab on the navigation bar at the top of each of our web pages if you need to contact someone at Washtenaw Audubon.

Borneo trip canceled
Because we did not have enough registrants for our proposed trip to Borneo in June, that trip has regrettably been canceled.








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