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  • 69th Ann Arbor Christmas Bird Count - Saturday, December 19, 2015

    Well, folks, it’s November. The first week of the month did a good job keeping us under the impression that summer might just last a wee bit longer, but this most recent front’s passing has provided for a bit of a reality check. Daytime highs in the 50s, rain and wind, and, wouldn’t you know it: juncos are here to Read More
  • A Tale of Blue Grosbeaks

    by Ross Green “July is hot. And humid. And July can also be downright buggy. So perhaps it is understandable why July is the month with fewer people participating in eBird than any other month. There are also fewer checklists submitted on an average day in July than any other day of the year. But July provides fascinating birding—perhaps some Read More
  • Vanderbilt Psychology Researchers Seek Birders for Study

    We were contacted by researchers at Vanderbilt University asking for help identifying birders of all levels who will participate in online surveys supporting research on the minds and brains of birders. Follow the links in this article for more information and to participate in the research. Here are some things they have to say about the research: "There are many Read More
  • Osprey Return to the Huron

     Take a look at the Huron River Watershed Council's newest film on successfully returning Ospreys to the Huron River in partnership with the Audubon Society! Read More
  • Guatemala (WAS 5th International Trip)

    Guatemala (5th International Trip) Friday 25 March 2016--Saturday 02 April 2016   There are over 30 species of birds found only in the central highlands of northern Central America (primarily Guatemala, but also a little in Mexico and Honduras) such as the beautiful Pink-headed Warbler, unusually unique Horned Guan and the striking Azure-rumped Tanager. The focus of this amazing birding Read More
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